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This URL was switched off following completion of the 2010 Headline Goal of the European Union/ Ce URL a été étient suite à conclusion de l'Objectif Global de l'Union européenne en fin 2010.

Following the 3rd August 2012 resolution of the United Nations General Assembly on the crisis in Syria, the URL is switched back on for general-awareness building:

Suite à résolution de l'Assemblée Générale des Nations Unies du 3 août 2012 concernant la crise en Syrie, l'URL est relancé de nouveau aux fins de sensibilisation générale:

United Nations General Assembly in plenary session deplores the conduct of the United Nations Security Council - 3rd August 2012 resolution (read 3rd paragraph)

NB: This webpage does not take sides in the UNGA resolution other than to highlight the progress needed at the United Nations Security Council / Ce URL ne vise quiconque suite au vote de résolution sauf salienter le progrès à faire au sein du Conseil de Sécurité des Nations Unies.

Extract: "Deploring the Security Council’s failure to agree on measures to ensure the Syrian authority’s compliance with its decisions — most recently when, on 20 July, China and the Russian Federation vetoed a Council resolution that threatened sanctions if demands to end the spiralling violence were not met — the Assembly expressed its determination to seek ways and means to provide protection for the Syrian civilian population" 3rd paragraph of UN Assembly General resolution passed with 133 member-states In Favour; 12 Against; 31 Abstentions.

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